Filter Bag, Reusable, 10 Micron (3 Pack) | #70-1175


These filter bags are ideal because they are reusable. This is a pack of 3, which is our recommended minimum for each DrainDroyd, as this allows for one in use, one ready to be used, and one being cleaned. This filter bag is made of monofilament so you won’t have fibers breaking down and being included into your end product.

*Product color is white: Color has been altered to show on white background.

For Reference: 1 Micron = one-millionth of a meter or one-thousandth of a millimeter or thirty-nine millionths of an inch (0.000039)
This filter bag is 10 Micron making it suitable for filtering oils and household dust, but unsuitable for filtering dust mite debris, pet hair/dander, mold spores, bacteria or viruses.

The smaller the micron rating, the more can be filtered out ? but this also means the more your filter will need to be changed. As the filter fills up, the filtering process will slow down.