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  • 80-4600-carbonx

    carbonX | #80-4600

    Make your extracts 10x lighter! Remove green from your extracts with carbonX. carbonX is a mechanically stable material designed to remove dark colors from your extracts. It is radically different from activated carbon because it does not break up or make your hands black when handling. It is also clean so that combustion byproducts will not dissolve into your extracts. The material can be used in a filter funnel or in a dispersion. Typically, your extract is dissolved first in ethanol, then it is vacuum filtered through the carbonX, then the rotovap removes the ethanol. You can also use it by filling your butane column with carbonX and lightening the extracts on the fly. Finishing is completed in a vacuum oven.

    1-10 grams = $25/gram
    11-100 grams = $20/gram
    101-1000 grams = $10/gram
    1001+ grams = $7.50/gram

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